Hiking and Fruit Fasting


We start the day with gymnastics in the early morning, which are very enjoyable outside, even if the sun does not happen to shine. After a short breakfast, we do either Nordic Walking or cross-country skiing, depending on the time of year, in the splendid natural surroundings of Bad Grund.


After this little warm-up tour, there is a second breakfast at our extensive fruit buffet. With renewed energy, we start our second round of sports—a long hike or a mountain-bike tour through the Harz Mountain nature reserve.


Once back at the hotel, you are on your own until the evening—in the swimming pool or in the wellness area, having a healthy massage or an alkaline health bath, a good book or simply a restful afternoon nap. 

In addition to a huge selection of fruit, the evening meal includes wild herbs as well as organically grown vegetables. We spend the rest of the evening as a group—with interesting discussions, lectures, movies, and of course, the evening workout.

Fruit fasting is one of the most gentle detoxification methods—no hunger pangs.


Price per person in a double room with a balcony 579

Price per person in a double room with a balcony as a single room

Price per person in a single room 629



Our services:


6 x lodging incl. fruits and meals

The use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna and infra-red treatment is free.

The use of the game room with billard, table soccer, air-hockey and darts is free.

Alkaline baths are free.

The use of hot-water bottles is free.

You'll find a water boiler in your room.

1 x free entrance in the Solebad in Bad Grund

1 x relaxing massage

You'll find a hiking backpack as a present in your room.


All prices are subject to

The Kurtaxe is charged by the community. It is 1.80 € per adult/day and has to be paid by every guest, except for traveling salespersons. For children (all children between

Upcoming dates 2018:


06. - 12. Oktober                                                 Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

27. Oktober - 02. November                            Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

03. - 09. November                                             Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

21. - 27. Dezember (Weihnachtsfasten)       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns




05. - 11. Januar                                                     Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

12. - 18. Januar                                                     Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

19. - 25. Januar                                                     Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

02. - 08. Februar                                                  Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer 

09. - 15. Februar                                                  Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

23. Februar - 01. März                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

02. - 08. März                                                       Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

09. - 15. März                                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

16. - 22. März                                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

23. - 29. März                                                       Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

06. - 12. April                                                        Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

13. - 19. April                                                        Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

27. April - 03. Mai                                                Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

04. - 10. Mai                                                          Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

11. - 17. Mai                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

18. - 24. Mai                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

01. - 07. Juni                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

15. - 21. Juni                                                          Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

22. - 28. Juni                                                          Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

13. - 19. Juli                                                           Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

20. - 26. Juli                                                           Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

10. - 16. August                                                    Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

17. - 23. August                                                    Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

31. August - 06. September                              Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

07. - 13. September                                            Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

22. - 28. September                                            Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

12. - 18. Oktober                                                 Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

19. 25. Oktober                                                   Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

26. - Oktober - 01. November                         Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

02.- 08. November                                             Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

21. - 27. Dezember (Weihnachtsfasten)      Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

 (minimum of 6 participants)



Sample Schedule

  Weekly schedule


Arrival (between 12 noon and 5 p.m.): welcome, introduction to fruit fasting


gymnastics, introduction to Nordic Walking, short hike, swimming, sauna


Nordic Walking, hike to Iberg Mountain (if possible, tour through the mining tract or into the mines)


Nordic Walking, hike to Hahnebalz Pond,


Nordic Walking, hike on the Water Hiking Trail


Nordic Walking, short hike, rawfood seminar


Nordic Walking, breakfast, farewell



Daily schedule:


08:00 a.m.

Meeting in the lounge, health drink: alkaline water with health clay

08:15 a.m.

Gymnastics on the hotel lawn

09:00 a.m.

Nordic Walking

10:00 a.m.

Return to hotel

10:30 a.m.

Fruit breakfast (choose from different kinds of fruit)

11:30 a.m.

Beginning of hike (lunch snack with wild greens and herbs)

2 to 4 p.m.

Afternoon rest at hotel: sauna, massages, swimming, etc.

6:00 p.m.

Dinner with a variety of fruit and vegetables

7:00 p.m.

optional discussion, film, or lecture

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