Hiking and Therapeutic Fasting – according to Buchinger or Konz


You would like to rest a bit from life in general? and get rid of some excess weight at the same time? Therapeutic fasting can make it happen. Fasting does not necessarily mean going hungry. It is a voluntary abstinence from nourishment which helps the body detoxify, and it has a positive influence on healing processes.


It also brings on: weight loss, a strengthened immune system, and above all a new sense of lightness, energy, and wellbeing. The body is relieved from its digestion processes, which use about 30 percent of overall energy consumption. It now uses this energy to renew itself—during walks through the wonderful Harz forest landscape, for example.


In the Harz Natural Food Hotel, we apply different methods of fasting in accordance with the needs of our guests. We offer three basic types of fasting cures:


  • The Otto Buchinger Health Fasting Method, which prescribes alkaline herbal teas, vegetable broth and freshly pressed fruit juices.


  • The Franz Konz Clay Fasting Method, where you detoxify by taking health clay dissolved in water, and drinking a large amount of pure water. From time to time you also drink fresh coconut juice.

  (The two fasting methods can be combined.)


  • Fruit Fasting is the more dignified way of detoxifying. You partake of ripe, easily digestible fruit two to three times a day, or of vegetables, which alkalizes the body and frees it of acid. Fruit-fasting is an ideal addition to a fasting therapy program.

Anyone who feels healthy and is in good psychic condition may take part. If you are on medication, please consult a doctor with experience with fasting before your fast starts.

We suggest to all participants that they undergo a colon hydro therapy from a friendly medician and alternative practicioner in the neighbouring town on the day of their arrival, this thorough cleaning of the intestine makes fasting much easier. It significantly reduces your feelings of hunger.


As an alternative, we recommend that you clean up your intestine with the help of an irrigator which you can bring yourself oder rent or buy from us.


Please take only a light breakfast with fruit or raw vegetables the day you arrive, this makes the start of the week of fasting easier.



Therapeutic Fasting according to Buchinger or Konz


Prices in  per person in a



single room

€ 529

double room with balcony as a single room

€ 619

double room with balcony

€ 479


All prices are subject to

Our services:


6 x lodging incl. 'meals'

The use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna and infra-red treatment is free.

The use of the game room with billard, table soccer, air-hockey and darts is free.

Alkaline baths are free.

The use of hot-water bottles is free.

You'll find a water boiler in your room.

1 x free entrance in the Solebad in Bad Grund

1 x relaxing massage

You'll find a hiking backpack as a present in your room.


The Kurtaxe is charged by the community. It is 1.80 € per adult/day and has to be paid by every guest, except for traveling salespersons. For children (all children between

Upcoming dates 2018:


06. - 12. Oktober                                                 Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

27. Oktober - 02. November                            Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

03. - 09. November                                             Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

21. - 27. Dezember (Weihnachtsfasten)       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns




05. - 11. Januar                                                     Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

12. - 18. Januar                                                     Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

19. - 25. Januar                                                     Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

02. - 08. Februar                                                  Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer 

09. - 15. Februar                                                  Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

23. Februar - 01. März                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

02. - 08. März                                                       Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

09. - 15. März                                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

16. - 22. März                                                       Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

23. - 29. März                                                       Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

06. - 12. April                                                        Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

13. - 19. April                                                        Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

27. April - 03. Mai                                                Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

04. - 10. Mai                                                          Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

11. - 17. Mai                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

18. - 24. Mai                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

01. - 07. Juni                                                          Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

15. - 21. Juni                                                          Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

22. - 28. Juni                                                          Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

13. - 19. Juli                                                           Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

20. - 26. Juli                                                           Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns

10. - 16. August                                                    Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

17. - 23. August                                                    Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

31. August - 06. September                              Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

07. - 13. September                                            Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

22. - 28. September                                            Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

12. - 18. Oktober                                                 Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

19. 25. Oktober                                                   Fastenleiter: Matthias Birkhölzer

26. - Oktober - 01. November                         Fastenleiter: Horst Lischke

02.- 08. November                                             Fastenleiterin: Katharina Lange

21. - 27. Dezember (Weihnachtsfasten)      Fastenleiterin: Kirsten Jahns


(minimum of 5 participants)


Our Week of Therapeutic Fasting from June 29 to July 6  


We were a great group, did a lot of hiking and it was so much fun. For breakfast, we had an alkaline healing clay drink to get rid of the freed toxins, then a filtered Green Smoothie made from wild herbs, and we had some hot warm tea. On our hikes, we took plenty of alkaline Kangen water (pH 8.5) with us, and for lunch, we usually found a nice restaurant where they had fresh juices or a good choice of teas. After returning to the hotel, we were glad of having the sauna, swimming pool, massages or an alkaline bath. For dinner, we relished some fresh vegetable broth as well as freshly squeezed juice, and on the last day, juice of a young coconut.


We did not get any unwelcome side effects from our fasting, except that one lady had a slight headache during the first two days. At the end of the week however, she was happy about her weight loss of 5 kg.

It was a rewarding experience from every angle.

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