Here in Bad Grund, a spa town located in the matchless forest and mountain scenery of the Harz Mountains in Germany, we welcome you into the pleasant atmosphere of our friendly hotel, where we would like you to be our guest for an unforgettable vacation—tailored to your wishes: either utterly relaxed, or entirely athletic, or devoted completely to your health.


No matter what kind of vacation you choose, natural food will always be on the menu:


We delight in serving you choice vegan or rawfood delicacies, starting right at the beginning with our bounteous breakfast. We make most of them entirely by ourselves - from local organic products, as far as possible. You will also be drinking our Kangen alkaline water - called magic water by some of our guests - for detoxification of the body and a health-optimized ph-balance.


In keeping with our hotel’s special theme, we will attend to your “healthful enjoyment”, in many different ways. 


You would like to...   


... just relax, and leave all your cares behind? This is what the cozy atmosphere of our swimming pool and sauna area offers, as well as the wondrous serenity of our idyllic garden—the herbal forest air of the Harz region will also help your entire being regenerate as you go on our unique excursions into nature.


... work out hard for better health? We offer you many different programs for athletic holidays—ranging from one-on-one coaching in running to mountain-bike tours, yoga, meditation and guided hikes.


... go on a vacation completely devoted to your well-being? Then choose from therapy programs designed by our team of experts, and let them set up your personal health program for you. 


... have an environmental vacation? In our hotel, we not only help improve your health but we are also dedicated to preserving the environment. Using our own dual heat and electricity generator, and the solar panels on our roofs, we save plenty of energy, in keeping with our  “Climate Protection Hotel” certification. We are proud of this.




We are wishing you a vacation so nice you will never forget it.



 & your team from the Harz Natural Food Hotel