At Our Place, Health Food Can Taste Very Good!


Every morning, a bounteous breakfast buffet with a huge choice of locally-grown and tropical fruit is waiting for you, for a good day’s start. We are eager to mix you tasty smoothies made of wild herbs and fresh fruit. We make our raw jam fresh every morning, as well as chocolate creme and our savory tomato spread. 


Those who choose to dine with us can look forward to the gourmet raw food delights of our chef de cuisine.


He has persuaded quite a few Epicureans to widen their horizon to natural food, by introducing them to his tasty zucchini spaghetti with wild herb sauce for example. After savoring his heavenly chocolate deserts made of raw cacao and coconut creme, some have even been seduced into signing up for our raw food cuisine classes. 


In addition, we treat our guests to alkaline Kangen water, which we produce in-house from the local Harz water (which is already of high quality) using special filtering equipment.




You would like to learn how to prepara rawfood in a tasty manner? Than just sign up for one of our rawfood cooking classes!