Our Area: Activities and Attractions

The Harz Mountains offer plenty of pretty places to see, many breathtaking natural sites, a well-marked network of trails for hiking and mountain biking, as well as local happenings you will not want to miss. 


Our hotel is an ideal starting point for many activities: trips with your electric or mountain bike, hikes, walks, running, cross-country skiing, ... We, or our partners, will be happy to rent you a bike or cross-country skis. 


Here is just a small selection of the great number of different options. You will see: Bad Grund is worth more than one trip!

Bad Grund

Fotograf: © Jürgen-45; "Herbstlich", Quelle: www.piqs.de
Fotograf: © Matthias Becker; Titel: Knesebeckschacht; Quelle de.wikipedia.org

Towns & Places

Fotograf: © Kassandro; Titel: Rueckseite der Kaiserpfalz, Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Fotograf: © Ulli1105; "Kirche von Werningerode"; Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Fotograf: © Kassandro;Hahnenklee Stabkirche Sued.";  Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Quelle: © Theo van der Zalm; "Wappen vom Königreich Hannover und Haus Hannover in 1837."; Wikimedia.org

Fotograf: © Gerhard Elsner; Titel: "Regulierung Wasserregal"; Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Fotograf: © Nawi112; Titel: "Brockenbahn"; Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Fotograf: © Axel Hinemith; Titel: "Brocken vom Torfhaus"; Quelle: de.wikipedia.org
Foto: © Didi01; Quelle: www.pixelio.de