Our Lifestyle? Thoroughly Vegan, and Environmental!


Animal products are not on our menu. Our cuisine is strictly vegan and raw food connoisseurs are also in the right place here—and very welcome! Like all the others as well.


We of course use primarily locally-grown produce—organic as far as possible, since the health aspect of nutrition is as important to us as the ethical and ecological aspects. It is wonderful how all this can be put on one plate!


Those who already live completely vegetarian or vegan lives are certain to appreciate, right from the start, the ambiance of an establishment dedicated to this type of cuisine.


We invite all others—those who are not vegetarians or vegans (yet!)—to let our savoir-faire lead them perhaps to an improved sense of well-being, in a natural and enjoyable manner. Just try (us)!


In our hotel, we try to reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum. The best way is to save energy. Our hotel is equipped with its own dual heat and power generator, so there is almost no loss of energy through transmission lines, and on many days we can even feed electricity into the public grid.


On the roof, we also have solar heaters, which contribute strongly to energy savings. When the weather is nice, the sun is the only source of warmth for our swimming pool.


The German Klimaschutzhaus Institute has awarded us the “Climate-Protection Hotel” Certificate in recognition of our facilities. We are especially proud of this.


We hope that you will feel and enjoy the pioneering spirit of our house—our hotel is still very young.  It was opened at the beginning of 2013. We will appreciate your comments very much, and your ideas for improvement, great recipes, and sight-seeing advice!