Our Friends and Partners

We are especially happy about the encouraging feedback we receive from our guests. More and more people are using their vacation time to improve their health, as well as for rest and relaxation. We have formed partnerships with a few other companies and friendly hotels in order to offer you even better service. We would like to introduce them to you here:


Our Suppliers:


1. Naturkost Elkershausen – We get most of our fresh products from this natural foods wholesale company. It is certified organic, and puts great emphasis on the high quality and local origin of its products. www.naturkost-elkershausen.de


2. Bode Naturkost in Hamburg – They drive all the way to Bad Grund to provide us with organic dates, nuts, and more, at affordable prices.  www.bodenaturkost.de


3. Keimling Naturkost in Buxtehude – This specialist for raw food cuisine and the equipment it requires, provides us with blenders, food dehydrators, knowhow—and especially tasty ingredients for raw food preparations such as coconut and almond butter. You can buy Keimling's products from us at special prices. www.keimling.de


Friendly Hotels:

Elke Neu’s House of the Sun – Are there too many mountains in the Harz for you, or would you like to try delicious raw food cuisine in another setting? Then visit Mrs. Elke Neu in Oberwohlde near Lübeck. She has been a great inspiration for me, with her raw food boarding house, and she encouraged me to open up my Natural Food Hotel in the Harz Mountains. www.das-sonnenhaus.de


Hotel and Boarding House “Zum Jägerstieg” here in Bad Grund. – We are on very good terms with our neighboring hotelier. Should our hotel happen to be full, you can stay at our neighbor’s. Our hotels have similar facilities; he has a nice wellness area also, with a swimming pool, sauna, and tanning bed. Raw food fanciers can still take their meals with us of course. http://www.jaegerstieg.de


“Eylers Ranch” in Elsfleth – Those who like flat expanses and seafaring must visit Elsfleth at least once in their lives. There is no doubt that the nicest, most restful, and most authentic flair is to be found in Bernd and Christiane Klemm’s old farm. Enjoy the heart-filled conviviality, the sumptuous breakfast and the mix of farming and seafaring surroundings. http://www.eylersranch.de



Sports and Fitness:


We have a great suggestion for those who want not only healthy and good food, but also their bodies brought into top condition, during their vacation. Our partner, the EasyFitness studio in Osterode, grants our guests a discount of as much as 50 %. You will be coached by experienced trainers and enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. http://www.easyfitness-group.de/studio_osterode-am-harz.html




Our website was translated into English by Renate Hessler, a state-certified translator, who specializes in the field of Vegan nutrition and rawfood. www.ecotranslations.de and www.vegfoodtranslations.com