Weekend with Wild Edible Greens and Herbs and Green Juices


During this seminar, you will be introduced to the refreshing advantages of wild edible plants, which are still not paid enough attention to by conventional cooks. We will show you the supremacy of wild species - their superior content in vital substances and vitamins in comparison to their bred counterparts as well as their superiority in taste.

You will pick many of the herbs yourself during refreshing hikes through the Harz natural scenery of forests and lawns which contains an abundance of different species. From them and various sorts of fruits you will compose amazingly tasty juices (smoothies) and dishes which are incredibly nutritionally-dense.


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Our services:


2 x nights lodging

2 x vegan breakfast

2 x rawfood - packed lunch

2 x hiking and picking wild greens and herbs with Susan Illinger, our wild herbs - professional

2 x wild herbs - classes incl. preparing food

2 x rawfood 3-course dinners with wild greens and herbs


The Kurtaxe is charged by the community. It is 1.80 € per adult/day and has to be paid by every guest, except for traveling salespersons. For children (all children  etween

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