Bad Grund


Bad Grund is the oldest of the seven mountain towns in the Oberharz (Upper Harz Area). The earliest historical reference to it is a document of 1317 recognizing it as a town of foresters. Now, it is a well-known health resort offering Heilstollen healing mine tunnel respiratory therapy. The picturesque town center features typical Harz architecture, with historic half-timbered houses in which many nice cafés and restaurants now welcome you.


Those who know the Harz Mountains well often say that Bad Grund is one of the nicest places to visit. It is also an ideal starting point for hiking and bike tours, as it is surrounded by a dense forest of coniferous and deciduous trees. The clean crystal-clear lakes are perfect for swimming in summer and ice-skating in winter. 


There are many places to go, for short walks or for long hikes, such as the Weltwald Arboretum, the Clock and Watch Museum, the underground world in the Mining Museum... and massive Mount Brocken with its splendid view, of course.