The Harz Brockenbahn Railway - a Nostalgic Narrow-Gauge Railway

Photographer: Nawi112, title: "Brockenbahn", source:
Photographer: Nawi112, title: "Brockenbahn", source:


This nostalgic narrow-gauge train steams its way from the “Drei Annen Hohne” up to the summit of the Brocken mountain with 700 horsepower! One can board it from any station of the Selketal and Harzquer lines. The rail line is only 19 kilometers long.

The Brocken narrow-gauge railway station at the end of the line is the highest in Germany, at 1,125 meters above sea level. The line was inaugurated in March 1899 and immediately attracted great numbers of tourists to the highest peak in the Harz mountains.


The two World Wars and their difficult post-war periods put a brake on the tourist activity. The greatest interruption, however, was still to come: in 1961, the Iron Curtain between East and West Germany was put up—and the demarcation line ran right over Mount Brocken. The train did not run for thirty years.


After the reunification of Germany, the first steam locomotive went up to the Brocken summit in May 1991. Since July 1992, trains have been running on a regular schedule.


You can find further information on the official website of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen...