Romker Hall was built in 1862 as a hunting lodge for King George V of Hanover. It is situated in the Oker Valley near Goslar in the Upper Harz, and is also popular because of the waterfalls nearby, which are the highest in the Harz Mountains.


Romker Hall belonged directly to the Crown of Hannover many centuries ago and was therefore considered an unincorporated township by local government. Advertised today as the “Kingdom of Romker Hall—the smallest kingdom in the world!”, it was overseen by the Prussians when they annexed the Kingdom of Hanover two centuries ago, and forgotten again by the Federal Republic of Germany during the area’s reorganization in the 1970s. It is still not officially a municipality. This odd situation has come in handy today.


The dignified head of state is now—true to tradition—Princess Erina of Saxony, the spouse of Prince Timos, grandson of the last King of Saxony, Frederick August III. This constitutes a direct link to the line of succession of the Crown of Saxony.


In accordance with the traditions of the Kingdom, Her Majesty can ennoble, or confer knighthood on, citizens of outstanding merit. Outstanding suppliers may be appointed: “Purveyors to the Royal Court”.

source: © Kassando; title: „Romker Hall in the Oker Valley“,
Romker Hall in the Oker Valley
source: © Kassando; title: „The Romker Hall Waterfall in the Oker Valley“,
The Romker Hall Waterfall in the Oker Valley